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Deborah Scott Mason



This website is my place to document my journey as an artist. 

It is also a place to share my art with my family and friends who have been

wonderfully supportive as I travel this road of creativity.


Most of my art is created in my studio at my home on Choctawhatchee Bay

in the panhandle of Florida.  I am very lucky to have a studio at my home, with

a separate room for “clean” work, i.e. my painting and sewing, and a large area for

clay and other messy sculpture work.  It is here that I have my kiln and lots of space

to play to my heart’s delight.  


I sometimes have my artist friends over and we have a model for painting or

sculpture.  Much of making art is a solitary experience, but the company and

support of fellow artists is a necessity for me…I enjoy having the studio full

of the creative brilliance of these folks! 


Michelle Morris was my first painting instructor, and Walt Herrman was my first clay instructor.  They gave me tremendous support as I transitioned from the corporate business world, to the world of an artist.  They were so supportive and encouraging.

I owe them so much for their instructions, and for their personal support.  In addition

I have had the pleasure of studying with many other artists.  In my Resources page

I share many of them with you—and my suggestions for taking advantage of their

generous sharing of their skills.

My husband is my biggest fan—his limitless support is so encouraging. 

He thinks every piece of art I create is better than the previous one.  

I did not make much art until I retired, but I watched my Mom be creative every day—from the clothes she made for her children, to the wonderful birthday cakes she decorated, and later in life the painting she did.  My Dad taught me to be comfortable with his tools—few of my friends growing up could use a jig saw or a power drill. 

Both taught me the logic and common sense and stick-to –it-ness needed to solve

the problems sculpting and painting present every step of the way. They raised 4 children to know they could tackle any problem, overcome setbacks, and grow up to

do whatever each child wanted to do. 


Without that belief, I do not think I would have been able to see myself as an artist!

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